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Restorative Approaches for educators, care staff or youth justice professionals


Module 3

Face to face mediation /mini conferencing

This two day course is an essential requirement for any staff likely to be supporting people to resolve relatively minor disagreements and conflicts.

The course will revisit the ethos and principles of restorative practice and encourage participants to reflect on how they have already been using their skills to have face to face conversations and to listen in a non-judgemental way.

Participants will learn how the Five Key Themes of restorative practice inform a structure for a restorative meeting between 2 people in conflict or between 2 people when one has caused some kind of harm or distress to the other.

Transforming Conflict offers this robust framework for both these eventualities. In our experience facilitators must go into these situations with an open mind and be able to be flexible to the needs of the people involved. We have found distinctions between mediation and restorative conferencing unhelpful.

The two days will cover:

- Building a safe learning community for the duration of the course

- The five key restorative themes and how they provide a structure for a face to face meeting

- Short skills development opportunities, with a chance to receive constructive feedback from
peers and course tutors

This course completes the training of the Informal Restorative Skills described in the National Occupational Standards and the Restorative Justice Council Best Practice Guidelines for Restorative Practice.


Course participants will receive further materials for their Practitioners Manual covering the theory and practical examples of mediation in their context.

There will be an opportunity to purchase a copy of Belinda Hopkins’ The Peer Mediation and Mentoring Training Manual (Optimus 2009) at a discount for training young people as mediators

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