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Introduction for educators or care staff or youth justice professionals etc


What do restorative approaches offer me and those I work with?

This half day seminar will give staff a chance to hear about what a restorative approach means in their own day to day work and a chance to ask questions.

The session will be focussed on the needs of staff in their specific setting and so beforehand our Lead Trainer will have been in touch. We will work with you to ensure that the session addresses their current concerns and issues. However there will also be time to reflect on the extent to which what staff already do could be described as restorative practice. There will be a chance to celebrate good practice whilst exploring opportunities for development.

There will be plenty of opportunities for discussion in pairs and small groups with colleagues and by the end of the session everyone will have a clearer idea of what it will mean for them if it is decided to embark on the journey towards implementing a restorative approach.


What people can do to prepare for the session so they can make the most of the experience:

  • visit our website and look at the evaluation and research about restorative practice in your setting
  • visit other sites on restorative practice in your particular environment
  • visit the website of the Restorative Justice Council to see how restorative practice in your setting links in to national developments
  • download some background reading from our website or visit our film page. We may show a short film for you during our seminar to prompt discussion.
  • encourage your team to draw up a list of questions ahead of time – if our trainer can have these in advance it will help him/her to prepare for the session.
  • visit our shop and free resources pages and see if there is a useful sheet or book your colleagues could read in advance.


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