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Restorative Theory in Practice

In this book, ten practitioners describe a restorative encounter as seen through the lens of their...
£24.99 VAT Free

Just Care

Restorative Justice Approaches to Working with Children in Public Careby Belinda HopkinsRestorative...
£29.99 VAT Free

The Restorative Classroom

Using Restorative Approaches to Foster Effective LearningBy Belinda HopkinsRestorative approaches...
£65.55 VAT Free

Just Schools

A Whole School Approach to Restorative Justiceby Belinda HopkinsForeword by Guy Master'sThis...
£24.95 VAT Free

Peer Mediation & Mentoring Trainer’s Manual

A restorative skills training manualBy Belinda Hopkins A unique guide showing how to train...
£65.00 VAT Free

Improving Behaviour with Restorative Approaches:

What kind of a learning environment do you want to create in your school? Would you like to see...
£199.00 VAT Free

Crime, Anti-Social Behaviour and Schools

Until relatively recently in Britain police involvement in schools was generally limited to the odd...
£55.00 VAT Free

Mediation Posters

Developed by Dr Belinda HopkinsThese eye-catching posters let everyone know what to expect from a...
£33.00 VAT Free

New Perspectives on Bullying

By Helen Cowie & Dawn JenniferThis book provides a valuable resource for anyone responsible for...
£19.99 VAT Free

Restorative Solutions - Making it work

by Helen Mahaffey and Colin Newton'This book is a welcome addition to the growing and developing...
£28.99 VAT Free

Restoring the Balance 2

Changing culture through restorative approaches: the experience of Lewisham Schools after several...
£15.00 VAT Free

Mediation and Restoration in Circle Time

By Teresa BlissIn this authoritative publication Teresa Bliss applies her experience and expertise...
£35.00 VAT Free

Implementing restorative justice in children's residential care

By Carol Hayden and Dennis GoughThis report takes a close look at the implementation of an RJ...
£14.90 VAT Free

The Pocket Guide to Restorative Justice

By Pete Wallis and Barbara TudorThis is an invaluable companion for youth offending team workers,...
£10.99 VAT Free

A Practical Guide to Helping Young Victims of Crime

By Pete WallisThis accessible guide will be essential reading for anyone working withchildren and...
£14.99 VAT Free

Why Me?

A Programme for Children and Young People Who Have Experienced VictimisationBy Shellie Keen, Tracey...
£34.99 VAT Free

What Have I Done

By Pete Wallis With Clair Aldington and Marian Liebmann, Illustrated by Emily WallisWhat Have I...
£34.99 VAT Free



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