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Schools in Monmouthshire and Hereford attend training

I have just returned from a very successful three days of training with representatives from four different schools in and around Monmouthshire - 2 secondary schools, a Steiner Academy and a primary school. Everyone left enthused and determined to start , or in some cases, continue their restorative journey. It was fantastic to have 4 staff from the award - winning Monmouth Comprehensive School on the course. Their wisdom, experience and expertise really enriched the training. They were able to share their experience of a school that has now been implementing a restorative culture for over 6 years, and were honest about their hopes and fears and also the challenges that still face them. Although they had not received the skills practice training before they had absorbed a lot of how to do it from their colleagues. What helped was that they already had a restorative mindset  because the ethos and the values are alive and well and part of the fabric of the school. This meant that they were able to quickly absorb the finer detail of the 5-step model I presented to them with ease and finesse.

I was supported on the course by Apprentice Co-Trainer Sarah Buchanan from West Sussex. She is developing her training skills in order to support staff in the Looked After Sector develop more of a relational/restorative culture in their residential homes.

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